Fine Perfume Creation

Located in the heart of Jumeira, Villa 515 is a one of a kind boutique specialized in the sale of niche perfumes and fashion brands, differentiating it from any other perfumery store in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Envisioned by three passionate founders, perfume aficionados meet in search for distinctiveness and exclusivity in perfumes. At Villa 515, perfume lovers have the chance to obtain bespoke perfume creations. Situated in a quiet and peaceful area of Dubai, Villa 515 promises to be the haven to enjoy and experience fine perfume creations. The unconventional Arab villa, which never fails to charm its visitors, mainly consists of a perfume shop, which holds some of the most creative niche perfume brands, a salon for perfume consultations and presentations, and a laboratory specifically designed for perfume customization. As a visitor of Villa 515, your experience is guaranteed to be anything but ordinary. Founder Dhaher Bin Dhaher - An Emirati entrepreneur who is a strongly rooted in Arab and Bedouin values and culture. Bin Dhaher is an explorer, a dreamer, and the creator of Tola Perfumery. Creative Perfume Director Alessandro Gualtieri - An Italian creative perfume director with unconventional approaches to perfume creation. He is known to be rebellious and unpredictable. He is the nose behind Nasomatto perfumes. Designer Lilian Driessen - A Dutch fashion designer and storyteller. She is the creator of MariaLux, a fashion house for luxury fragrances and women's wear. Lilian Driessen is also the creative mind behind the interior and concept of Villa 515.

L'Officina Dei Nasi

lab1 Our body scent resembles our fingerprints; no two people have the same scent. This is why at Villa 515 we believe in the importance of satisfying the preferences of our special costumers, and their desire to be different. The base of Villa 515 is the Perfume Laboratory, where you can embark on a journey to discover the unknown culture of fragrances from the Middle East and Italy. From a selection of speaking raw materials, we will try to understand what you like and what you dislike, in order to create a fragrance that represents your personality and emphasizes your individuality. Using the highest quality of raw materials, the Perfume Lab celebrates them to their full assets, creating new perspectives of fragrance making. Our target is serving special costumers, with which the noses will be having a series of meetings and appointments, so bookings will be necessary. The Perfume Lab can create a limited quantity for our customers every year, in which the formula will be owned by them, and unrevealed by our noses. The process of creating a perfume will make you discover new aspects in your personality, and the final product will touch your inner individuality and uniqueness. Your visit to our perfume world will be an unforgettably scented experience.


CONTACT +9714 39 54 054 LOCATION Jumeira 3, Villa 515 P.O. Box 12345 Dubai, UAE
OPENING HOURS Saturday - Thursday 10:30 am - 10pm Friday 5pm - 10pm


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