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Santo Incienso

Dhs. 950.00


I have been inspired by a sacred wood, the Palo Santo, a wood that gives a lot to talk about to mortals and to Gods.
I have been planted by Shamans and my Perfume Master breathed me in without taking me away from my home country, Amazonia. So out of respect, I became wood of Incense and Myrrh.
Woody and spicy, my structure is made of a thin frame of unctuous Cedar around which gravitate numerous fragrant bodies, sometimes fresh, like Bergamot, or burning, like Nutmeg.
I am protecting and liberating, I am an invite to travel and meditation. Diviner and divine, I am a perfume that can't be placed inside everyone's hands.


Top Notes: Bergamot from Calabria ,Petit Grain Bitter Orange, Nutmeg
Middle Notes: Palo Santo, Cedarwood from Atlas, Hedione
Base Notes: Incense, Myrrh, Milky Musk

Size: 100 ML
Type: Eau de Parfum