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No Sport

Dhs. 815.00


No Sport has the cheek of dressing up the queen of flowers as a dandy.
Its name slyly refers to a quip by Winston Churchill, who lived in a famous Art Deco hotel in London during the Blitz A balcony with a view on Hyde Park: the resinous green of galbanum, the moist earth of patchouli, the brush and roots of vetiver.
In window boxes on the terraces, rose bushes are whipped a time-honored tradition in English schools by the bracing, minty lemony facets of geranium.
As a counterpoint to this typically masculine note, the hay and almond tendrils of Sir Winston's cigar.
An original rose-tobacco accord, as witty as the great man's bon mots. 


Top Notes: Bergamot, galbanum
Heart Notes: Rose essence, geranium, pink pepper
Base Notes: Rose absolute, sandalwood, liatrix

Size: 100 ML
Type: Extrait de Parfum