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I Am Trash

Dhs. 540.00


Dear world: Do not throw anything away because at the bottom of our trash lies the fermented distillation of great love. The garbage trucks hold flowers that can still bleed, the peels and rinds that can still give. The noxious exhalations have honey notes that can merge with the earth. And there are so many floating concretions, the trash that is thrown into the sea, and the natural waste, the ambergris, mystical symbols, the attitudes of primitive tribes these must now be reprocessed. To paraphrase and distort Alan Paton: Cry, my beloved planet, for the unborn child; let him not love the earth too deeply, for it is slipping away. So before it's too late, let us pray to the god of waste, our dear lord of leftovers.


Top Notes: Apple Essence upcycling, Bitter Orange upcycling, Green Tangerine upcycling
Middle Notes: Rose Absolute upcylcing, ISO E Super Upcycling, Gariguette Strawberry upcycling
Base Notes: Cedarwood Atlas upcyling, Sandalore upcyling, Akigalawood upcycling

Size: 100 ML
Type: Eau de Parfum