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A mesmerizing elixir that hides its game well; FLORO is a fragrance that will conquer the hearts of women as well as men. Be ware of sleeping flower,,,

How many times have you been surprised, or even "picked" by the wake of a candid flower with a generous, fiery or totally extravagant fragrance like a powerful filter of love?

A real game of seduction, FLORO pays tribute to these flowers which, beyond their discreet or too often ephemeral beauty, radiate irresistible notes.

This new Jeroboam perfume extract is the expression of Mother Nature's generosity. It gives pride of place to the formidable secret weapons that each flower distills to seduce or simply trap their prey. Fascinating!

In the beginning, a squall of petals full of tasty and luscious notes of ripe fruit. Nothing sticky or syrupy, but an alternation of crunchy and juicy facets that emerges from the notes of green apples, red apples and pineapple. A subtle balance of fruity notes that would almost mask the powerful sensual and creamy touches of Sandalwood reinforced with dry woods. Finally, a caress of White Musks brings a carnal and vibrant side.


Top Notes: Green Apple, Red Apple, Pineapple
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Transparent, Floral, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Cedar, Boise Dry, White Musk

Size: 30 ML
TypeExtrait de Parfum