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Atelier de Ors

Bois Sikar

Dhs. 1,150.00


Founder Jean-Philippe’s involvement in the cigar world meant that one day a perfume created around this theme would evolve. He wanted to recreate the special times shared with friends indulging in cigars and whisky from the Isle of Islay.

You can contemplate the addictive smell of cigars permeating the air with gravitas and a dark, dry aroma.  The scent of cedar wood and leaf emanates from the hand made cigar box, as the woody tonalities play against the heady vapours. Now layer the highly distinctive aroma of Islay single malt whisky featuring a unique smoky, peaty and robust character with wood from the oak barrel. This is the essence of BOIS SIKAR. A distinctive and exotic scent.

BOIS means wood in English and refers to the interplay of cedar and guaiac wood in the fragrance.

SIKAR is the Mayan word for smoking, thought to have inspired the word cigara in Spanish and later cigar in English.


Top Notes: Nutmeg, Precious woods
Middle Notes: Guaiac wood, Styrax, Cedar Leaf
Base Notes: Tobacco absolute, Vetiver from Java

Size: 100ML
Type: Eau de Parfum