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At the very end of a well-trodden path, among the scattering of ripe dates and beneath the sturdy but weathered tree, he uncovers a bottle of nostalgia. Sunlight glints off its surface, the same rays enveloping him in warmth and fondness. The tree bears his weight as he leans against it despite its aging body and generously shares its gifts time and time again to create myriad of new beginnings. All he can sense in the moment is the familiar but fresh scent inviting him back to a time of joy and laughter and he cannot wait to share his bounty again.

A sparkling fresh cardamom scent creates an inviting and spicy oriental fragrance but the discerning scent of dates and coffee infused with dry fruits and a note of cinnamon gives Bishra its own personality. Underneath it all, the softness of vanilla and white musk complements the strength of Oud and Patchouli.


Top Notes: Ginger Oil Co2 Nigeria LMR, Cardamom Guatemala Extract Co2 LMR, Cinnamon Bark Oil Ceylon LMR
Middle Notes: Fir Balsam Abs Resin , Nutmeg Oil, Clary Sage, LMR
Base Notes: Sandalwood Oil , Hazelnut, Gourmand Accord

Sizes: 12 ML, 60 ML

Type: Eau de Parfum