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Histoires de Parfums


Dhs. 709.00


The oldest date in the Perfume Stories collection, the Divine Comedy pays homage to the most beautiful piece of medieval poetry, written by Dante Alighieri. This work, divided into three books, is a metaphor for the notions of Good and Evil. Playing on the delicate border between Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, we find the power of sagebrush, the spicy heat of cinnamon, mixed with subtle notes of amber sublimated by a veil of incense. The lightness and sweetness of Paradise are represented here by the contrast of the sunny, flowery notes of jasmine and the almost animalic approach of Ylang-Ylang. Perfume of time passing, perfume of an addictive love, perfume also of these small earthly pleasures that for a second allows to taste an Eternity of delights.


Top Notes: Artemisia, Ylang-ylang, Solar accord
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Cinnamon, Frankincense
Base Notes: Amber, Rum Absolute, Benzoin

Size: 120 ML
Type: Eau de Parfum