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About Us

In 2013, Villa 515 opened in the heart of Jumeira with a commitment to be the haven to all fragrance aficionados who is in search of unique and creative olfactory journey. From the selection of niche brands to the discovery of raw materials, speaking workshops and bespoke perfume creation, your experience is guaranteed to be anything but ordinary.

The unconventional Arab villa, which never fails to charm its visitors, mainly consists of a perfume shop, which holds some of the most creative niche perfume brands, a salon for perfume consultations and presentations, and a laboratory specifically designed for perfume customization. In 2016, another branch was opened in The Galleria Mall, Al Maryah Island, Abudhabi. Displaying a concept of a living room nobody sits in, Villa 515 clienteles yet savour a personal aromatic voyage in every visit.

In 2019, the very first Perfume House in the Gulf opened to the public where Villa 515 together with Tola Perfumery and International Fragrance and Flavours, IFF, manages the museum’s scent stations and the retail shop. Every visit allows any guest to delve and to explore deeper olfactive indulgence.

Envisioned by two passionate founders, perfume connoisseurs meet in search for distinctiveness and exclusivity in perfumes. Dhaher Bin Dhaher ,an Emirati entrepreneur who is strongly rooted in Arab and Bedouin values and culture is an explorer, a dreamer, and the creator of Tola Perfumery. Alessandro Gualtieri ,an Italian creative perfumer with unconventional approaches to perfume creation is the nose behind Nasomatto and Orto Parisi perfumes. .